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Your Search for the Perfect Probiotic is Over!

Announcing… The Only Complete
“Super Strain” Probiotic Formula that
Can Ease Your Digestive Miseries
Once and for All!

Over 125 scientific studies show how it can help you to...
Dot Prevent gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea  
Dot Digest all foods with trouble-free comfort   
Dot Put an end to intestinal cramps  
Dot Prevent recurring yeast infections  
Dot Relieve food and airborne allergies  
Dot Power up new levels of "all-day" energy  
Dot Build powerhouse immunity  
Dot Prevent diverticulitis flare-ups  
Dot Protect against irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease and colitis  
Dot Reduce cholesterol and boost cardiac health!  
Dot And more!  

 Dear Seeker of Digestive Peace,

The probiotic revolution is here. And it can literally transform your life.

Study after study shows how probiotics can help:

  • Erase frustrating intestinal conditions ...
  • Fight off stubborn yeast infections, colds, and bacterial infections ...
  • Alleviate serious autoimmune conditions like Crohn’s, arthritis, and allergies...
  • Even help prevent abnormal cell growth.




Finally…the Probiotic Support Your Digestive System Has
Been Yearning For!

New SUPER SHIELD is the only probiotic formula that delivers the most effective strains of beneficial live cultures, including:

  • Bifidobacteria Infantis NX5856
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1
  • Lactobacillus Para Casei ATCC393
  • Bifidobacteria Lactis BL4
  • Bifidobacteria Bifidum ATCC 15696
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus HN001
  • And seven more of the most proven-effective strains known to science

Yet it costs the same as “ordinary” run-of-the-mill probiotics on the market today—and often even less!



What’s more, taken daily, a probiotic supplement can bring about greater vitality and health no matter what your age. But there’s one wrinkle you had better know about:

Will You Benefit From the Probiotic Revolution— or Be Cheated Out Of It?

I’m Sherry Brescia, president of Blue Rock Holistics. I’m also a natural health researcher, author of the bestselling Great Taste No Pain self-healing program, and editor of the digestive health newsletter Pain Free Living.

Make no mistake about it—the research on probiotics is in and there’s plenty to cheer about.

But here’s the catch.

When scientists conduct clinical probiotic studies with dozens if not hundreds of suffering patients, they don’t use run-of-the-mill probiotic strains like most probiotics you’ll find on the store shelf.

They use the very best, no matter what the expense. 

Researchers don’t cut corners...

But big-business supplement makers do.

The supplement industry is flooded with companies both big and small jumping on the probiotic bandwagon with weak formulas containing the cheapest, least effective strains of the probiotic cultures getting all the results in studies.

They advertise a Ferrari but sell you a Yugo!

Most have virtually no chance of making a significant difference in your digestive system and your overall health.

But that has all changed because of...

SUPER SHIELD from Blue Rock Holistics:
The most advanced multi-probiotic formula ever!

Our Super Shield multi-probiotic gives you the very same pharmaceutical-grade “Super Strains” that are grabbing all the headlines — including Bifidobacteria Infantis, Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 Super Strain, Bifidobacteria lactis BL4, Bifidobacteria Bifidum ATCC 15696 Super Strain, and 9 others.

Make no mistake: these are not the weak, do-little “cousin” strains you get in most probiotic formulas—these are the actual super strains generating all the excitement among scientists the world over.  No other company -- that's right -- no other company uses the wide variety of expensive cultures that go into Super Shield.

And each Super Shield capsule contains a minimum 7.25 billion CFUs (colony forming units). That’s a mega-payload of friendly flora that far exceeds that of most other popular (and inferior) probiotics on the market!




How Big-Business Supplement Makers Put
One Over on Consumers Like You

I hate to be the one who pulls back the curtain on the probiotic industry, but someone has to do it. You deserve the truth, even when it’s not pretty.

Truth is, not only is the quality of most probiotic strains sold today less than desirable, it seems quality control isn’t high on the list of most probiotic marketers either.

One consumer watchdog group tested 25 popular probiotic products, and the results are shocking. Eight contained less than 1% of the live friendly bacteria advertised on the label, and six of these only had a few thousand live cells at the time they were tested, not the billions they promised!

According to Dr. Khem Shahani, one of the world’s leading probiotic experts, his own testing of over 200 acidophilus products produced similar jaw-dropping results. Nearly 80% didn’t live up to their advertised numerical claims, and nearly half didn’t even have 10% of the claimed number of live microorganisms!

How do companies get away with this outrage? Simple. They just guarantee live cultures “at time of manufacture.”  That might be true, but then they can sit around for months in hot warehouses with no air conditioning or refrigeration, hot trucks and on retail shelves.  Little or no concern is given to the fact that probiotics are live cultures that will die if left in uncooled environments for too long, no matter what other companies claim about their products.

In contrast, Blue Rock Holistics goes to incredible lengths to ensure the full potency of each Super Shield capsule. We begin by using only the most robust strains of the most beneficial cultures, produced and encapsulated under pharmaceutical-grade conditions. You’re guaranteed 7.25 billion viable cells per capsule.  And each bottle is warehoused, stored and shipped cool.  Hardly any other company does this.  At Blue Rock Holistics, we don't cut corners.  Period.  Because, plain and simple, the health of our customers is too important.  And we know that when you are thrilled with Super Shield, you'll never go anywhere else ever again for your probiotics.



As of Today, You Can Stop Settling for Less

When we began developing Super Shield at Blue Rock Holistics, our mission was to produce the finest, most effective multi-probiotic on the market bar none.

It wasn’t just business.  It was personal.

I understand the misery and frustration of gastrointestinal problems all too well. I suffered crippling digestive problems for over a decade before I solved them on my own without drugs or surgery, using completely natural techniques. Given my own painful digestive history and journey to health, I would accept nothing less than the best.

This search for the best was my mission when we began to develop our own probiotic formula.

We spoke with dozens of the largest formulators who threw their hands up and said, “No way. It can’t be done. The strains you want are too expensive to include.”

Just about everyone tried to talk us out of it. They pointed out literally dozens of popular probiotics that skimped on quality and quantity yet were enormously profitable for their manufacturers.

You see, profit was the primary marker of “success” for these formulators. Still is. We didn’t spend much time with them, and needless to say they weren’t invited to join our team.

When we first met Super Shield’s eventual formulator, one of the top probiotic experts in the business, his eyes lit up when we explained our intention to use only the best strains of the most proven probiotics.

He Didn’t Try to Talk Us Out of it.
He Couldn’t Wait to Get Started!

The result is Super Shield, which I can say with 100% confidence is the finest and most potent multi-probiotic formula commercially available at any price. As our formulator put it, “This is the probiotic I’ve always wanted for myself.”

And if you’ve ever wanted to experience the full potential of probiotics for yourself, this is the formula for you.

Below I’ll tell you all about the 13 friendly “super strain” cultures you get in every capsule of Super Shield. And I’ll also explain why we can make Super Shield available to you at a price comparable to that of ordinary probiotics that can’t hold a candle to it.

But first let me explain why there’s even a need for a powerful probiotic like Super Shield in the first place. Let’s go inside your digestive system for a minute so I can explain what the excitement is all about—and how merely boosting your friendly flora with the right probiotics can... 

Erase Even Stubborn Symptoms That
Have Troubled You For Years!

As you may know, your intestines are home to vast armies of friendly bacteria called probiotics, also known as intestinal flora. These bacteria number in the trillions and are essential to good health: they help digest food, facilitate nutrient absorption, and produce key B vitamins and enzymes that are crucial for clockwork digestion and overall well-being.




Get the Straight Facts About Probiotics

All probiotics are not the same!  The world of probiotic supplements can be confusing, so here’s a brief introduction to probiotics and the three classifications you should know about: genus, species, and strain.

Genus. Genus is the broadest classification that is based on physical characteristics. The two most dominant genera in the gastrointestinal system are Lactobacillus that are most prominent in the small intestine, and Bifidobacteria which colonize mostly in the large intestine.

Species. Species designations begin narrowing down the classification. For example, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei are both members of the lactobacillus genus, yet they possess quite different behaviors and carry out different functions in the body.

Strain. Next comes the strain designation for a given species; for example, Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 and Bifidobacteria breve BR-03. If you want your money’s worth in a probiotic supplement, this is the most crucial distinction of all—because this is where most supplement makers cut corners.

Many companies use the cheapest strains of a probiotic species they can find, and they they simply don’t work as advertised. For example, some  acidophilus strains sold today can’t even survive stomach fluids and are dead on arrival when they reach the intestines!

If a supplement doesn’t list the species strain on the label, that’s a red flag that you’re getting an inferior-grade probiotic. And that means you’re likely paying too much for a product that won’t meet your expectations, or even come close!



A healthy level of friendly flora is, in fact, practically all that stands between you and a long list of unpleasant symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and others. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your native probiotics are also VERY busy...

  • Stopping invader bugs like e. coli and salmonella and common cold and flu viruses
  • Preventing fungi, molds, and yeasts like Candida albicans from proliferating and causing infections
  • Neutralizing toxins and carcinogens that you ingest through food and drink
  • Protecting the “gut barrier” that keeps pathogens from seeping through the intestinal wall into your blood system
  • Safeguarding lymphoid tissues in the intestinal wall lining that produce a big part of your immune system defenses

Friendly bacteria do a lot and you need a lot. Experts say each of us should have about four pounds of friendly flora in our gastrointestinal tract to handle these big tasks effectively. If only that were the case!

Why Modern Life Is Murder On Friendly Flora

The modern world is relentless in grinding down our levels of healthy probiotics. Everywhere you turn, there’s something: 

√ Meats, poultry and dairy laced with antibiotics
√ Chlorinated tap and shower water
√ Foods tainted with pesticides and toxins
√ Antibiotic and steroid medicines
√ Stress-filled jobs and lifestyles
√ Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages
√ Chemical-laced processed foods and junk foods
√ Sugar-filled diets that feed “bad guys” like yeast
√ Aspirin, NSAID, and antacid drugs

All of these factors chip away at your body’s friendly bacteria, day in and day out, and the cumulative effect on your probiotic colonies can be staggering.

According to one expert, a typical person today has as little as 25% of the friendly bacteria needed to perform all functions properly.

That’s roughly one pound of friendly flora
trying to do the work of four!

Why does that matter? In a healthy GI tract, good bacteria make up about 85% of the microorganisms  present. The other 15% is “bad” bacteria. When this balance is thrown out of whack, it creates a situation called dysbiosis in which good bacteria can no longer keep law and order in the intestines.




SUPER SHIELD Boosts Your Immune System in Three Important Ways

Want greater immune resistance to everything from colds and “traveler’s stomach” to arthritis and cancer? Give your intestinal flora a boost with Super Shield

Experts estimate that two-thirds of all immune activity takes place in the intestines, and native probiotics contribute in three important ways.

First, friendly flora take on the “bad guys” directly. When they’re maintained in healthy levels, good bacteria help keep bad bacteria, viruses, and yeasts from proliferating in your digestive system and making you sick.

Second, friendly bacteria neutralize toxins in food including known carcinogens like the nitrosamines found in beer, bacon, sausage, and other processed foods. Researchers believe that probiotics reduce the body’s exposure to carcinogens by detoxifying chemicals and shutting down bad bacteria that can generate carcinogenic compounds.

Third, good bacteria protect the intestinal walls from harmful bacteria that can cause inflammation. When that happens, a dangerous permeability called "leaky gut syndrome" can occur in which harmful microorganisms and toxic debris leaks through this gut barrier and into the bloodstream. Experts believe that 70% of all illness and disease begins this way. Leaky gut syndrome has also been linked to autoimmune disorders like allergies, Crohn's, lupus, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, asthma, and Candida symptoms.

Super Shield provides a carefully balanced formula of 13 beneficial bacteria that contribute to each of these three vital immune system functions. It boosts digestive health and immune system health unlike any other multi-probiotic on the market. Order your no-risk supply today and see for yourself!



All sorts of health problems can emerge, and they usually do:

Digestion is impaired. Elimination becomes dysfunctional. Gas, bloating, cramps, constipation, and diarrhea are all but inevitable. The good guys are outgunned by the bad—and then chronic, hard-to-fix problems like IBS and IBD are just a few of the troubles that can follow.

Make No Mistake About It:
Flora Depletion is Serious Business

Making matters worse, a weakened flora leads to a weakened immune system. You become more susceptible to colds, flu, “traveler’s stomach,” and other bugs you come in contact with — because there is not enough friendly bacteria in the gut to fight them off.

It puts your intestinal walls at risk too, and that can lead to problems of a whole different kind. Here’s why:

A healthy gut wall keeps dangerous microorganisms and toxins safely barricaded in the bowel, where they are ultimately pushed out of the system. The intestinal lining is protected by friendly bacteria that colonize the wall and crowd out bad microbes.

Without these friendly colonies, bad bacteria can harm the lining and cause inflammation. The gut barrier weakens, allowing pathogens and toxins through the gut wall and into the bloodstream where they can cause havoc throughout the body.

It’s called “leaky gut syndrome” and it has been linked to devastating autoimmune disorders such as Crohn’s, lupus, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, candidiasis, IBS, asthma, allergies, and other chronic conditions that often seem to defy any medical treatments or actions we take.

The immune system identifies the “invaders” in the blood and goes haywire trying to stop them, attacking healthy cells in the process. What’s more, the body expends enormous energies chasing down invaders after they seep through the intestinal wall, which only adds to the toll.

Probiotics: A Natural Solution For Real Health Gains

The good news is that probiotic supplementation can make a world of difference in restoring perfect intestinal balance. A growing body of scientific research shows how probiotics can:

  • Prevent gas and bloating
  • End constipation and irregularity
  • Improve IBS symptoms
  • Shorten and prevent acute diarrhea
  • Ease food intolerances like lactose intolerance
  • Build resistance to colds and flu
  • Prevent antibiotic-associated intestinal upsets
  • Eliminate recurring yeast infections
  • Relieve air- and food-borne allergies
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Neutralize toxins and carcinogens
  • Promote greater energy and vitality

But as I mentioned earlier, inferior probiotics just won’t do. The common denominator behind all the positive research findings is the super-high quality of the strains investigated.

So doesn’t it make sense for you to take the very same strains?

You bet it does. And these, we’re proud to say, are the strains you get in Super Shield.

Introducing the New Leader of the Pack

Super strains = Super Shield. That was our formula for success, and Super Shield follows it to the letter. Each capsule gives you 7.25 billion CFUs of the strongest strains of the most beneficial probiotics known to science.

Let’s start with the Bifidobacteria, which do their work mostly in the large intestine where they represent about 90% of the good bacteria present. They begin colonizing the colon shortly after birth and play a huge role in lifelong gastrointestinal, immune system, and overall health. Their numbers decline as we age, however, which can leave us susceptible to gastrointestinal distress.

Bifidobacteria crowd out bad bacteria and other pathogens by competing tenaciously for nutrition and colonizing space on the intestinal wall. They produce lactic and acetic acids that create an unfriendly environment for unhealthy microbes. They also make it difficult for invaders like the yeast Candida Albicans to proliferate in the intestines and seep through the intestinal barrier.

First, Super Shield gives you five of the most
beneficial Bifidobacteria of all:

SUPER STRAIN #1: Bifidobacteria Infantis NX5845: the first and only probiotic strain that has been clinically proven to alleviate the full range of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. In one study, patients taking this B. Infantis NX5845 experienced significant improvements in abdominal pain, bloating, bowel dysfunction, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and urgency in just four weeks.

Additional studies suggest that B. Infantis can also inhibit dangerous pathogens like E. coli and can protect against inflammation of the stomach and bowels (gastroenteritis).




Say Goodbye to “Temporary” Relief That
Can Do You Harm

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, “75% of people taking conventional treatments for digestive problems continue to experience symptoms”—as often as 3 or more times a week!

No surprise there. For too long, we’ve treated digestive problems with a patchwork of solutions that just cover up the problem. Antacids for heartburn. Laxatives for constipation. The pink stuff for diarrhea. Simethicone for gas.

They don’t address root causes whatsoever. That’s why 1 in 5 Americans continue to suffer chronic digestive woes and why these problems are the #1 reason people see their doctor. And guess what?

OTC remedies can make your stomach problems worse!

For example, regular antacid use can cause acid rebound, and also adversely affect intestinal pH which can usher in unfriendly bacteria. They may leave you more susceptible to the H. pylori bacterium that causes ulcers, and can even contribute to dangerous leaky gut syndrome.



SUPER STRAIN #2: Bifidobacteria Lactis BL4.  Of all B. Lactis strains, BL4 is widely used in clinical studies because it has been shown to have the highest adhesion to human mucus of all Bifidobacteria tested.

Since it colonizes so well in the colon it can help bring about natural intestinal balance faster. Plus it’s well-equipped to survive passage through the acids and bile of the stomach and small intestines.

In studies, B. Lactis can to improve constipation and diarrhea symptoms and improve the overall intestinal environment. It excels at destroying unfriendly bacteria in the gut because it is a big producer of hydrogen peroxide, which is an excellent natural antibacterial agent.

SUPER STRAIN #3: Bifidobacteria Longum NX5846.  Over 40 clinical studies document this Super Strain’s ability to improve intestinal health, prevent diarrhea, and strengthen immune resistance. It’s also is very tolerant to stomach acids and oxygen, which allows it to reach the intestines where it can do its best work.

One Japanese study found that B. longum NX5846 reduced the risk of flu in the elderly by stimulating the body’s immune system and activating infection-fighting NK cells and neutrophils.  B. longum has also been shown to inhibit bacteria like E. coli, and improve intestinal function by crowding out unfriendly bacteria in the gut before they can cause problems.

SUPER STRAIN #4: Bifidobacteria Bifidum ATCC15696.  It colonizes in the large intestine, and helps derail harmful bacteria and other pathogens. It also stops bad bacteria and yeast from taking up residence and proliferating.

B. Bifidum has been shown helpful for diarrhea and constipation, and is often recommended for probiotic support during and after the use of antibiotics, steroids, or chemotherapy. It produces B vitamins and assists in the absorption of calcium, and it also releases lactic and acetic acid that further inhibit pathogen growth. One study featuring B. bifidum found that regular intake significantly shortened common cold episodes and reduced the severity of symptoms.

SUPER STRAIN #5: Bifidobacteria Breve BR-03 . B. Breve is another friendly bacteria that colonizes the colon in infancy and aids digestive and immune system health for a lifetime. It helps stop rotavirus-induced diarrhea and IBS symptoms. Like all Bifidobacteria, it helps keep the colon intestinal pH at a health-optimizing level and plays an important role in nutrition absorption as well.

Next, Super Shield Delivers the Most Effective
Lactobacillus Strains for Small Intestine Support




Is Your Intestinal Balance Out of Whack?

These symptoms may be a sign of dysbiosis, an unhealthy imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your gut:

1. Daily gas or bloating      No
2. Constipation or irregularity   Yes No
3. Low energy and endurance   Yes No
4. Frequent diarrhea or cramps  Yes No
5. Food or airborne allergies     Yes No
6. Recurring yeast infections Yes No
7. Frequent colds and other bugs Yes No
8. Brain fog or forgetfulness       Yes No
9. Weak or poor overall health    Yes No

Your digestive system can do an incredible job taking on all these issues—if you give it all the help it needs.

Super Shield provides a huge daily boost of proven probiotic strains that will help your system digest food like clockwork, even dairy ... assimilate nutrients completely ... neutralize and flush away toxins ... and take on bacterial, fungal, and viral invaders that can make you sick. You’ll feel better in a hurry, and enjoy benefits that can last a lifetime. Click here to order now!



Lactobacilli are lactic acid producing bacteria that play an extremely important role in healthy digestion and much more. Colonizing mostly in the small intestine, lactobacilli are known for their role in converting milk sugars into lactic acid, hence their name. They produce a pH environment in the small intestine that is ideal for friendly flora but inhospitable for illness-causing microorganisms.

But that’s just the beginning. Each of the 6 lactobacilli in Super Shield provide unique benefits that can make a big difference in your digestive and overall health. You get:

SUPER STRAIN #6: Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1.
The gold standard of Acidophilus. Many Acidophilus strains sold today will die in your stomach before they even reach your intestines, but not DDS-1. With its unsurpassed performance and resiliency to survive stomach acid and bile that kill other strains, DDS-1 Super Strain may well be the most potent and useful L. acidophilus of all.

L. Acidophilus DDS-1 helps digest proteins and carbs, “eats” cholesterol, and produces B vitamins, folic acid, and lactase which reduces lactose intolerance. It is also a major part of the vaginal flora where it works to prevent yeast infections. 

It’s also resistant to several common antibiotics like penicillin, streptomycin, and aureomycin, making it an ideal probiotic to prevent intestinal side effects for anyone taking those medications.

SUPER STRAIN #7:  Lactobacillus Casei ATCC393. This strain helps replenish the levels of good bacteria depleted by antibiotics, stress, natural aging, and diet. It has been shown to complement the growth of L. acidophilus in the small intestines, improve digestion, regulate bowel movements, and reduce lactose intolerance.

Research suggests that it can also help safeguard the body from dangerous microbes like salmonella and Listeria that often latch onto raw food.

SUPER STRAIN #8: Lactobacillus Plantarum NX5870.  Lactobacillus plantarum successfully colonizes in the small intestines where it one of the more prominent “good guys” in battling and controlling bad bacteria. Researchers believe it contains potent anti-microbial capabilities, helping to fight off pathogens like E. coli. It also helps reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol levels while boosting your overall  immune response, too.




Just 1 Super Shield a day can help:

  • Stop painful gas and bloating
  • End constipation or diarrhea
  • Absorb nutrition more completely
  • Prevent indigestion and cramps
  • Fight vaginal yeast infections
  • Stop lactose intolerance
  • Fight off bacterial and viral infections
  • Lower cholesterol naturally
  • Produce key digestive enzymes
  • Synthesis essential vitamins
  • Protect intestinal walls
  • Flush away health-dragging toxins
  • And more....
Get your no-risk Super Shield supply today by clicking here. Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!



Studies show L. Plantarum NX5870 may help improve some IBS-related symptoms including pain and bloating. Another study stated L. Plantarum NX5870 may help reduce pain and irregularity.
SUPER STRAIN #9: Lactobacillus Rhamnosus.  Over 200 research papers document the benefits for GI health. It has been shown to:

  • Shorten diarrhea and help prevent it altogether
  • Relieve constipation and prevent lactose intolerance
  • Alleviate symptoms of IBD and IBS
  • Ease yeast and urinary symptoms

Studies also suggest that Lactobacillus Rhamnosus has a positive impact on gut barrier health. It has been shown to stimulate antibody production and enhance phagocytosis, one of the body’s weapons for destroying invaders. And by strengthening the gut-barrier function, L. Rhamnosus may have beneficial impact on autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and allergies.

SUPER STRAIN #10: Lactobacillus Salivarius NX5863. Multiple studies back its effectiveness for helping to maintain healthy bacteria balance and stimulating the intestinal immune system. It helps break down undigested proteins.

SUPER STRAIN #11: Lactobacillus Bulgaricus NX5856. L. bulgaricus produces lactic acid which helps the body digest milk products and prevent lactose intolerance. In addition to enhancing digestion, it assists in the metabolism of lipids and may help control cholesterol levels. It produces natural antibiotic substances and studies suggest that it may have anti-tumor properties as well.




Super Shield = Super Payload!

Compare the ingredients and quantities of Super Shield against any multi-probiotic formula you can find in your health food store or on the Web. It won’t take long before you understand why we call Super Shield the best probiotic formula—and the best overall value—on the market today. 

Each bottle contains 90 Delayed Release DRCaps™ vegetable capsules.

Bifidobacteria infantis NX5845      
Bifidobacteria lactis BL4                              
Bifidobacteria longum NX5846                        
Bifidobacteria bifidum ATCC15696                     
Bifidobacteria breve  BR-03                           
Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1                   
Lactobacillus casei ATCC393                           
Lactobacillus plantarum NX5870                      
Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001
Lactobacillus salivarius NX5863                   
Lactobacillus bulgaricus NX5856                
Streptococcus thermophilus DSM20617    
Bacillus coagulans ATCC7050                     

250 million
1 billion
750 million
500 million
500 million
1.25 billion
1 billion
250 million
500 million
250 million
250 million
500 million
250 million

7.25 billion
Other Ingredients: Rice flour, Vegetable cellulose (Delayed Release DRCaps™ vegetable capsule), magnesium stearate (from vegetable), Titanium dioxide (naturally occurring).   May contain a trace amount of milk or milk byproduct (derived from lactose probiotic fermentation media)
Contains No:
egg, fish, peanuts, crustacean shellfish (lobster, crab or shrimp), soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, gluten, beef, port, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives.



SUPER STRAIN #12: Bacillus Coagulans ATCC7050.
This has a 50-year history as a powerful probiotic with a multitude of health benefits. It is uniquely surrounded by a natural protective shield which makes it highly viable by the time it reaches the intestine.

Bacillus Coagulans plays an important role in intestinal digestion by synthesizing various B vitamins, folic acid, biotin, and Vitamin K. It also produces lactic acid to help you digest daily more effectively and prevent lactose intolerance.


SUPER STRAIN #13: Streptococcus Thermophilus DSM20617. This is one of two major starter cultures used in the manufacture of yogurt and fermented cheeses. But as a supplement probiotic, it can alleviate symptoms of lactose intolerance and other gastrointestinal disorders including antibiotic-associated diarrhea.




PLUS—each capsule of Super Shield also
contains 25 mg of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)—

Clinical studies show that this prebiotic fiber can dramatically improve the effectiveness of Bifidobacteria in the large intestine.  But many probiotic formulas, even the most well advertised have none at all!

13 of the best SUPER STRAINS on the planet in one advanced probiotic formula. And I guarantee you won’t find any other probiotic formula with close to this digestive firepower! Sound like something you could use?  And here’s something else you should know, too:

Our Special Vegetarian DRCaps Capsules
Ensure Optimal Effectiveness

Super Shield supplies only the hardiest, most effective probiotic strains that have been clinically shown to survive stomach acids that render other probiotics useless.

So why do we go to the expense of using DRCaps capsules? Simple—we use every available means at our disposal to make sure Super Shield delivers the best results for you.

DRCaps from Capsugel® are the newest state-of-the-art vegetarian capsules with unique properties that slow down capsule opening after swallowing.  All the delicate probiotics inside pass through your stomach, guaranteed to resist corrosive stomach acids, so friendly bacteria reach your intestines unstressed and in the healthiest and most robust condition possible.  And the caps are certified Kosher, to boot!

The proof is in the results. See for yourself why Super Shield is the finest multi-probiotic on the market today—and if you’re not 100% thrilled with your personal results, we’ll refund your money no questions asked.




Super Shield is a pharmaceutical-grade probiotic supplement that comes fully backed by our Triple Potency Guarantee:

Potency Guarantee #1: You get a minimum of 7.25 billion live, viable cells inside every Super Shield capsule. This pharmaceutical grade powerhouse is guaranteed, unlike the empty promises you get from the majority of other supplement makers whose products have as little as a few thousand live cells by the time it gets to you.

Potency Guarantee #2: Each DRCaps™ capsule is a specially formulated low-moisture vegetarian, (and certified Kosher) capsule that encapsulates the delicate organisms inside, protecting them from light, heat, and air. This helps ensure that the friendly bacteria survive harsh stomach acids arrive in the intestines ready to do their work.

Potency Guarantee #3: Plus, every bottle of Super Shield is delivered to you inside a thermally insulated container kept cool inside with special ice packs to further protect the cultures from temperature fluctuations during shipping. So your Super Shield will remain potent on the hottest days of the year … or if you leave it sitting in a Post Office box or desk for several days. No other supplement company goes through this trouble and expense – but Blue Rock Holistics does!

No Other Company Provides This Kind of TRIPLE POTENCY GUARANTEE.

That is another reason why we’re not exaggerating when we say that Super Shield is the finest multi-probiotic on the market today.  If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your money no questions asked. Click here to try it now!



Super Shield Can Turn Everything Around!

Thanks to Super Shield, you can finally experience the benefits of a top-quality pharmaceutical-grade probiotic without breaking the bank. And with its potent size, one capsule a day is all it takes (although you can take up to three capsules daily to achieve the results you want before tapering off to a “maintenance” usage).

So when will you start seeing results?

Everyone is different, of course, but based on my own experience and the clinical results achieved by these strains, you should be prepared for the following:

• Within a few days, gas and bloating will ease. You will experience greater regularity and greater energy as well.

• Within a few weeks, your entire digestive system will take a step forward. You could see improvements in conditions like IBS, diarrhea, constipation, lactose intolerance, abdominal pain after eating, and yeast infections.

• Within a few months, digestive problems could just be a memory! You’ll no longer be held hostage by chronic gas, irregularity, poor digestion, and cramps. Improved digestion and nutrient absorption will leave you feeling healthier and more energized. You’ll have greater resistance to colds, yeast infections, “traveler’s stomach,” and other common bugs. You may see relief from airborne allergies as well. 

When you stick with Super Shield over time, the benefits to your gastrointestinal system and overall immune system will be considerable. You’ll provide your body with the powerful friendly flora support it needs for a lifetime of greater health.

All This at an Affordable Price

With its proven super strains and its 7.25 billion CFU capsule size, FOS prebiotic, special DRCaps vegetable capsule and insulated shipping you’d expect to pay upwards of $100 for a 90-count bottle of Super Shield.

So you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that a 90-count bottle (a three-month supply) is discounted now from its regular retail price of $65.99, and is now only $53.95 direct from the manufacturer.  That's less than $18 a month! 

But that’s not the biggest surprise.

When you compare prices and capsule CFU size of Super Shield against ordinary, run-of-the-mill probiotics, you’ll discover something downright amazing:

Super Shield gives you superior research-grade strains at a lower cost per CFU than literally scores of probiotic supplements that use vastly cheaper and far less effective cultures!

So in the long run, Super Shield gives you the most potent probiotic ingredients available for less than you’d pay for mediocre products found elsewhere.

That’s Right. We Actually Undercharge for Super Shield!

Why?  Because we’re not like other supplement manufacturers. At Blue Rock Holistics, we care only about one thing: making the finest products bar none, and offering them at prices below what any other company would dream of selling them for.

And here’s something else you should know…

The typical markup on probiotics is astronomical—usually 7, 8, even 15 times the manufacturer’s cost. You pay for pure hype and profit. 

Most companies (even the BIGGEST ones) fill their capsules with the cheapest strains they can find, and yet they charge you premium prices with markups that are through the roof.

Blue Rock Holistics doesn’t do that. We’re willing to work with much smaller margins. That means you get a pharmaceutical-grade probiotic that is unrivaled in potency and performance. Yet dollar for dollar, it’s more affordable than brands you’d buy at the supermarket.

We want to do the right thing for people who order our products.  We put in the best cultures in the world and take far less than the standard industry markup, so that you can afford to get the very best probiotics into your system. It’s made right here in the U.S.A. in a facility that follows the strictest FDA GMP standards for supplement manufacture. 

Plus, we do everything humanly possible to keep Super Shield potent through every single stage of the manufacturing and shipping process.  We use the hardiest strains. We use state-of-the-art DRCaps vegetable capsule that protects the bacteria from heat and air.  Then, we ship each bottle in cool, insulated containers so it stays potent until it arrives at your door.

We know that by doing that we stand a very good chance of gaining lifelong loyal customers. Super Shield is that good, that effective, and that affordable.

But enough of all the talk...

Let Your Digestive System Be the Judge!

I know that Super Shield is helping my digestion run smoothly and I’m enjoying greater energy every day. I’m just as confident about what it can do for you, too, which makes our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee quite simple to remember:

Super Shield works for you, or you pay nothing.

That’s it. If your results are anything less than super, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just return the unused portion within 60 days and we’ll issue a complete refund (minus shipping and handling costs), no questions asked.

So why not put Super Shield to the test? It will help restore a healthier balance to your gastrointestinal tract, and the benefits can be amazing. At last, you could:

  • Say goodbye to chronic gas and bloating for good
  • End constipation and enjoy problem-free regularity
  • Free yourself from the constant worries of diarrhea
  • Digest food completely without post-meal pain
  • Eliminate yeast infections and Candida-linked conditions
  • Stop the endless string of one bad cold or illness after another
  • Enjoy greater energy, mental clarity, and vitality you thought was gone for good!

Order your no-risk supply of Super Shield now and see what a real pharmaceutical-grade probiotic formula can do for you. Click here to order or call toll-free 1-888-724-4366 in the US or 1-315-295-1236 now.

A lifetime of better digestion, energy, and immune resistance awaits—and that’s a guarantee you can take to the bank!


Sherry Brescia
Sherry Brescia, President
Blue Rock Holistics

P.S. Remember, you could see amazing results beginning in just days with Super Shield—and yet you have two full months to try it with no risk whatsoever!  So put it to the test now.  If you’re not thrilled with your results, simply send back the unused portion within 60 days for a complete refund.  Order your 60-day risk-free supply of Super Shield today!


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